Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Torch is Passed

President and Sister Tanner, President and Sister Maughan
This was an eventful week. Monday evening our zone went to the Mission Home for a final Family Home Evening with the Tanners. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for an American style buffet. This was the first time to our knowledge that there was a meal here without a single grain of rice to be found. We can state with certainty that no one went away hungry.

Instead of packing, Tanners were entertaining visitors, giving interviews, dealing with mission related issues,in short, doing things for others. Sister Tanner made cookies to take around almost up until the time they left. We have never witnessed two people do so much for so long on so little sleep.

Thursday, June 30, was our second June Transfer. This particular transfer is on a three year cycle and although small in numbers has a large impact on the mission.

President and Sister Tanner drove to the airport to meet and pick up President and Sister Maughan whose plane landed just before noon. They then made the hour drive back to Lilo-an, came by the Mission Office for brief introductions and went to the Mission Home for lunch and to show Maughans around their home for the next three years. The Assistants then picked them up from the Mission Home to drive them back to the airport so that Tanners could catch a 4:15 flight to Manila and then bring Maughans back with them. There was all of a 3-4 hour overlap between Mission Presidents.
Welcome Home
Tanner Family
It was sad to see Tanners leave but we hope they get some much needed and much deserved rest. We were able to meet with Maughans again on Friday and are really looking forward to working with them and getting to know them over the next few months. They plan to hit the ground running by holding a series of meetings this coming week so that all the missionaries can get to know them. This will be followed by our next regular transfer on July 13th.
Thank you President and Sister Tanner for this beautiful mission quilt.
We are now in the rainy season and, yes, it seems that it rains every day. The temperatures have actually moderated a little bit and there have been times when they have given the hint of almost approaching cool. Of course rain does not detract at all from the humidity.  Not too long ago we bought three thermometers to hang around the house to track the temperature. It doesn't seem to matter much where we hang them, they always read about the same, within just a couple of degrees. We even put one in the fridge once just to see if they were broken. They aren't. We also have an air conditioner and fan downstairs which actually helps lower the humidity inside but doesn't move the temperature by much.
Inside Downstairs
Inside Upstairs

At night when there is standing water after a heavy rain our house is surrounded by...
well, we can't really describe it so here is a sample. This is loud enough to hear through our thick cement walls. Just try sleeping with this playing all night. 

Thought for the Week

"Obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience brings miracles."

President Maughan

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