Sunday, July 17, 2016

Two down, one to go...

July 2016 Batch + 3
This week was the second big transfer of the summer with one more coming in August.  19 seasoned missionaries went home, 11 new missionaries came in. Our numbers are dropping a bit but, so far, not as much as some other missions that we've heard about. We miss them already and can't believe they are no longer with us. The good news is that another senior couple is scheduled to come to our mission in October.  We are looking forward meeting and working with the Weatherstons from Logan, Utah.

We have a lot of pictures this week from the transfer. The three Elders below were excited to try on their suit coats again after two years of storage in the mission home (the coats, not the elders).  About a year ago the policy was changed so that missionaries are no longer required to bring a suit coat to the Philippines but it was interesting to see how much these missionaries wanted to be in a suit when meeting family at the airport.
Elder Larsen, Elder Christensen, Elder Schnoor
Monday was check-out day at the mission office followed by the last supper at the mission home. It was breakfast for supper with German Pancakes, sausage, eggs and fruit. Very tasty!
Tuesday was temple day for the departing missionaries followed by dinner at Army Navy.
Although the food is good, the main reason they like to come here is to have their picture taken.
Five of the Elders who were going to the US and Canada had to go to the airport right after the meal at Army Navy. Elder McNett was able to go with them to drop them off.  They were so sad.
Elder Remer (Colorado) , Elder Lewis (Utah),
 Elder Christensen (Oregon), Elder Larsen (Utah), 
Elder Schnoor (Canada)
The next morning (Wednesday) we met at the office at 6 AM to pick up luggage and three of our Philippine elders to drive to the airport again. Time will tell if they take to heart the wise counsel we gave on dating and marriage. It is always fun to point out that their next companion is not assigned, but must be chosen. Again we see how sad they are to be returning home.
Elder Sombilla, Elder Albar, Elder Miranda
After dropping off it was time to pick up the new arrivals. While Sister McNett was in the terminal on the phone to Manila trying to make new travel arrangements for three missionaries who barely missed their early morning flight (two Philippine Elders and one sister flying home to Fiji), Elder McNett was circling the airport due to a five minute parking restriction in front of the terminal. It is OK to leave, make the circle, come back and then park for another five minutes or so. When time was up the guard would walk by the truck, smile, make a little circle motion with his finger and off  we'd go to do it all again. By the time the new missionaries had arrived and their luggage loaded in our truck, Sister McNett had made the necessary travel arrangements and we were able to eventually make our way back to the mission home for orientation, lunch and to watch as new assignments were made.
Lunch for the new missionaries and trainers.
Sister Cook (in red skirt) is a trainer now. She is our batch.
Instruction from President Maughan
We now have six weeks to get ready for the next transfer.

Thought for the Week

"First, fill your mind with truth;
Second, fill your life with service;
Third, fill you heart with love."

Thank you Sister Larona for this quote from President Monson

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