Saturday, June 25, 2016


The Cocolele!
A ukulele made from three half coconut shells - not something we expected to see when Sister Tanner suggested a visit to a guitar maker in Lapu-Lapu. Well, we can check 'Cocolele' off the bucket list.
After visiting the Mactan Shrine last week we drove to the Alegre Guitar Company where every instrument is made entirely by hand and you can literally see what you are buying from plank to final product. The guitar craftsmen work in open air workshops.
Craftsmen at work.
Display of different wood used.
Guitar glue up using string.
Sanding and finishing.
Trying the final product.
Then it was on to the show room.  As we entered the building a musician began to serenade us with a mandolin. He was soon joined by a guitar player and then, the next thing we knew, Sister Tanner was on the bass fiddle and Elder Head on the maraca. It is an interesting and effective way of demonstrating and selling their instruments.
Paul McCartney could use one of these.
At an outdoor souvenir stand Elder Baladad and Elder Head model hats made from coconut fiber. Sorry Elder Head, you'll need to take yours home with you. Ball caps aren't missionary approved. Elder Baladad, on the other hand, can wear his now every day, if he likes.  (We have the impression Elder Head is willing to wait the month and a half he has left. He is not the least bit trunky - ha ha.)
This past week saw two mission conferences, On Monday there was a conference on the Island of Bohol for the Missionaries there and on Wednesday a conference on Cebu for the rest of the mission. These were held so that President and Sister Tanner could meet with all the missionaries one last time before President and Sister Maughan take over the reigns of the Cebu East Mission. Each zone did a musical presentation, Tanners spoke and the missionaries departing in July were given the opportunity to bear their testimonies. It was pretty emotional and we enjoyed it immensely.
Musical Number - 'Bring Him Home'
Final farewell.
We took this next picture as the missionaries were leaving the conference. It is such a good representation of the spirit and enthusiasm of  the young Elders and Sisters and why we love them so much.

How many missionaries will fit in/on a jeepnee?

Thought for the week

"Let me begin by reminding you that we so blithely say in the Church that life is a school, a testing ground. It is true, even though it is trite. What we don’t accept are the implications of that true teaching—at least as fully as we should. One of the implications is that the tests that we face are real. They are not going to be things we can do with one hand tied behind our backs. They are real enough that if we meet them we shall know that we have felt them, because we will feel them deeply and keenly and pervasively"
   Neal A Maxwell - 'But for a Small Moment' - BYU Speeches, Sept 1, 1974

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