Sunday, July 24, 2016


Flu season runs a bit different here than in the US and so while President Maughan was interviewing missionaries Sister Maughan was giving flu shots. Nothing makes a missionary smile like getting a shot in the arm. We heard no screams but some hand holding was necessary.
This is not a picture of Sister Osumo getting her shot.
This week was mostly working on follow-up items from last week and getting things ready for the next transfer in August. We were able to take a day Friday and venture further into Cebu than we have yet been when we helped Sister Maughan take a missionary in to a clinic for an exam.
Checking into the doctor's office.
On the way to the doctor we passed this building under construction. There didn't seem to be anyone working on it.

After the doctor we came back by the Cebu Temple grounds to find that the temple is closed for cleaning and maintenance.
Cleaning the outside of the temple.
Next stop was Burger King for a late lunch. We absolutely can not let it get out that we took Elder Crapo to Burger King after his doctor's appointment or we could see an epidemic of missionaries suddenly needing to be taken to a doctor in Cebu.
Having it 'our way'.
We end this week with a picture of the elusive domesticated Elder. This is in contrast to the wild Elders that are usually seen in their natural habitat wearing name tags, traveling in pairs and riding bicycles.

Thought for the Week

"The difficulties of a mission are nothing compared to the treasures of a mission."
Sister Larona

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