Saturday, June 11, 2016

Elerie and Wilma Bugtai

On Wednesday, June 8, 2016 Elerie Bugtai and Wilma Penig were united in the Cebu Temple as husband and wife. It was an honor to be invited to witness the marriage and sealing of these two very special people

Elerie is a member of the ward we attend here in Lilo-an, Cebu.We met the first week we arrived in Lilo-an and the more we learn from and about him the more amazed we are. He is the embodiment of living the council given by Neal A. Maxwell:

"As life's events bring our allotment of adversity, let us accept the bitter cup without becoming bitter. By so doing, we will testify in special and contagious ways!"

As a young child Elerie experienced a medical condition which effected his physical development, particularly the ability to perform fine motor skills. He faces his 'allotment of adversity' every day in a cheerful way. Many times he has mentioned to us how blessed he is. When asked how he was able to learn to ride a bicycle (something we are still amazed by) the closest thing to a complaint we heard was for him to say quietly, "It is hard for me."  Then he laughed and pointed to his legs and told how cut and bruised they were from falling. When asked how long it took to learn to ride a bike the answer was 4 years! We would have given up long before that. Now he is able to drive motorcycles as well as many other physical tasks that amaze us as well. Among his other accomplishments is his service as a full time missionary in Manila where he became an Assistant to the President.

Wilma and Elerie met on-line and then arranged to meet face to face for the first time in the Cebu Temple. We remember how excited Elerie was after that meeting. The excitement and anticipation continued until their wedding day.
Wilma is so quiet and shy that we haven't been able to learn much about her. We know she comes from the island of Negros which is in the Cebu Mission and it is a joy to watch her and Elerie together.
Reception Dinner
"Even so, everyone has gifts; everyone has talents; everyone can contribute to the unfolding of the divine plan in each generation. Much that is good, much that is essential—even sometimes all that is necessary for now—can be achieved in less than ideal circumstances. So many of you are doing your very best. And when you who bear the heaviest burdens of mortality stand up in defense of God’s plan to exalt His children, we are all ready to march. With confidence we testify that the Atonement of Jesus Christ has anticipated and, in the end, will compensate all deprivation and loss for those who turn to Him. No one is predestined to receive less than all that the Father has for His children." 
      Elder D. Todd Christofferson

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