Sunday, June 5, 2016


Post Transfer Stress Disorder

Elder Saluta, Elder Bermoy
The transfer this week was a big one. Not only because the numbers were greater than the last few have been but because two of the missionaries who were in the office when we arrived went home. Elder Saluta trained Sister McNett in her office duties and Elder Bermoy helped with housing. We became quite close They are groovy missionaries who applied a lot of elbow grease when they weren't popping wheelies on bicycles or scarfing down their food. Seeing them go is really a bummer deal. We hope they will keep in touch and give us the big skinny from time to time as they go out into the world to earn some bread. Miss them we will.  
Sister Bermoy with her son
Elder Bermoy's mother came to pick him up and fly home with him. She had been to the mission office once before and seeing her again was a treat. Elders Bermoy and Saluta are from the island of Mindanao which is the large island just south of our mission boundaries and home to many of our missionaries.

Last Supper

Monday evening was the 'Last Supper'. The departing missionaries gather at the mission home for a meal and testimony meeting.

SRC and Temple

Tuesday was SRC followed by a temple session. SRC is a self reliance workshop that lasts about 3-4 hours and is intended to help departing missionaries transition to the next stage of their life. The group left early for SRC and we came later to meet them at the temple.
Departing Batch

Army Navy

After the temple we stopped just a few blocks away at Army Navy to eat. This is the final meal together for this batch.


We met at the mission office Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM to load luggage and departing missionaries for the drive to the airport. The missionaries leaving needed to be there close to the time that the new missionaries were scheduled to arrive. This generally works out, with some exceptions now and then. Two of the departing actually left later in the day which required a second run to the airport. Notice Elder Head standing in the foreground of the picture below. He trained Elder McNett in his office financial duties and is back now as an Assistant to the President.  
There were 12 Elders and one Sister in the departing batch. All except Elder Grace, who is from New Zealand, returned to homes here in the Philippines.We mentioned Elder Grace last week and his connection to the Highland High rugby team. Check out this link to his arrival home.

Welcome Home Elder Grace

Arrival in Cebu

This transfer we welcomed seven new arrivals into the mission, six elders and one sister. After loading luggage and missionaries again it is time to drive to the mission home for orientation and new assignments. We were transporting luggage only and made a side trip on the way back to pick up pizza and salad for lunch.

Orientation and New Assignments

There is breakfast and lunch at the mission home with an orientation for the new arrivals and their trainers. After lunch, and after President Tanner has had time to talk individually with each of the new missionaries, companionship and area assignments are made. Most of these newly arriving missionaries only had an hour of sleep the night before.
New batch and trainers.


  1. Awesome post! Thank you! I am Elder Bermoy's auntie. I consider him my own. I am so proud of him and the right choice he did to serve the Lord!

    1. am proud to be there with these two lovely couple Pres and sister Tanner, Elder and sister McNett

  2. I'm Elder Head's mom and just found this blog :) What a great post! I loved reading about all that's involved with transfer days....seeing our missionary is a bonus! Thank you for your wonderful service! Have a great day!

  3. I love hearing about your life over there! So excited that all is going well. :)