Sunday, August 14, 2016

Temple of Leah

There is a memorial built high on a hillside overlooking the city of Cebu. This is not your typical memorial with a simple monument and a plaque. It was certainly not something that we had ever expected to see in the Philippines. This is a larger than life replica of a Greek temple. The reason for its existence is explained on the plaque shown below.
 It is still a work in progress but enough is completed to see the size and scope of the project. We were here right after sunset and the view of the city of Cebu is spectacular. There are rooms filled with furniture and other items collected by the family.  It is located high enough on the mountainside that the air temperature was noticeably cooler than in the city.
Statue of Leah
Construction on the columns.
Elder Bock, Elder Baladad, Lion, Elder Head
City lights.
Apparently even 53 years was not enough time together. We are grateful for the sealing power of the Priesthood and the knowledge that family love can truly be eternal.

Speaking of the sealing power found in temples, our oldest grandchild, Janica, was sealed to her eternal companion this week in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. We are so happy for her and Colton and wish them all the best.

Thought for the week.

"When God's warriors go down on their knees, the battle is not over, it has just begun." 

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