Sunday, August 7, 2016

Getting Around

This week we would like to share some of the pictures collected in our 10 months in Cebu.

It seems that much of an area's culture revolves around the various forms of transportation used. This is true of the Philippines. We are amazed by the variety found here and see something new each time we go out.
Manila Jeepnee
The picture above was taken when we were in Manila. The jeepnees there are typically larger than the ones seen in Cebu and have the engine compartment in front. We occasionally see this style here, but they are rare.  The three pictures below show an example of one we saw in Cebu with close up shots of the interior.
'Manila' style in Cebu
The jeepnees we see most often in Cebu are similar to the one below. Most are decorated, many quite elaborately. They are often customized with lights and fancy paint jobs. At first we wondered how people know which jeepnee to ride but have learned that they do follow set routes which are shown on the outside - once you know what to look for. The numbers on the back and printing on the sides indicate the route.
This is our neighbor's jeepnee. He is usually gone in the morning before we leave for the mission office and doesn't return in the evening until well after dark.
This one is probably customized just for personal use as it has no route markings.
Notice what the passenger in back is carrying here.
Bringing home dinner?
Next will follow some pictures of tricycles. A tricycle will generally work in a given area but operate more like a taxi in that the driver will take passengers right to their destination. They will also operate on side roads while jeepnees stay mainly on the main roads.
Of course there are motorcycles everywhere. Some are for hire and will take one or two passengers wherever they need to go. Due to past injuries and the additional risk involved, missionaries are no longer allowed to catch a ride on a motorcycle. This does place some limitations on the areas they are able to cover, but also helps mission presidents sleep better at night.

This next series was taken one day as we were stopped because road construction allowed only one lane of traffic at a time. It shows what happens anytime traffic is backed up - motorcycles seem to come out of nowhere and fill every available space.  
Motorcycles will - literally - fill every available space.
Notice the direction of travel.
Here are a few different trucks. Some of these small trucks would be really nice to use around home.
Setup to bring family to church.
Carrying passengers in the back of trucks is common place.
This was something that came as a total surprise. Most of the motorcycles we see are lightweight and very maneuverable - but there are alternatives available. 

Thought for the week:

"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door. You step into the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to."
Bilbo Baggins

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