Sunday, August 28, 2016


Pop Quiz.
1. What does PCEM stand for?
2. What does CFE stand for?
4. How many CFEs does it take to screw in a light bulb?
5. Where did I put question number 3?
6. Is it nap time yet?
7. Did Sister McNett come up with the questions for this quiz?
8. How many questions are in this quiz?

Meet the current PCEM CFE.  As any mission financial secretary knows, things are rarely as calm as they appear in this picture.  Working within a  banking system that is foreign to the CFE to keep funds dispersed to 175 missionaries in 9 zones on 3 islands so that the mission functions smoothly in many and varied situations is at the very least daunting, not to mention just the beginning of a long list of duties.  The CFE in this mission is dedicated and works hard every day to make sure the consecrated funds of CEM are managed with great care.
On any given day or time Elder McNett also serves as IT specialist.  Here he is re-setting the router which was down on arriving in the office that day.  We are grateful for the many ways the office benefits from his years of experience in the computer field.
You may have to look twice at this one, but it's legit.  Who gives the mission nurse (aka wife of  the mission president) her flu shot after she has administered said shot to all other missionaries?  If you guessed Elder McNett you score bonus points (not redeemable, just satisfying).  He seriously did do this. You might wonder why President Maughan and Sister McNett were not assisting?  Just can't say enough about the value of having Elder McNett in CEM.
This would be evidence of yet another hidden talent of Elder McNett.  If anything, he is even more valued at home than at the office.  He is so willing to do whatever needs to be done, including scrubbing the CR.  He never even has to be asked or reminded.  If something needs to be done he just jumps in and does it.  One more secret - he is a better cook than his companion, who appreciates very much all he does. . . .
. . . . which even includes remembering to bring her flowers.

Thought for the Week

"I don't believe there's a higher honor that can come to us than that the Lord would consider our offering as worthy and appropriate and that he would respect and receive it."
Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Answers to Pop Quiz:
1. It stands for Philippines Cebu East Mission and is totally legit.
2. It could stand for Chief Financial Elder but, if so, it would be totally made up.
4. What light bulb? Where did I put the light bulb?
5. The same place as the light bulb - and my glasses.
6. Always.
7. Absolutely not! (The pop quiz is what happened when I asked Elder McNett if he had anything to add to the blog this week.)
8. Seven, including this one.

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