Saturday, March 26, 2016

Usa pa

We dedicate the post this week to our three beautiful grand daughters. Just look at how this jeepnee is decorated. Pretty cool, right? (pun intended) Which leads us to our question of the week:

Question: How many people will fit in a jeepnee?

Answer: Usa pa (one more)

The pictured jeepnee is a good example of this, they are never really considered 'full'. This concept actually applies to all forms of transportation.
Our grandson, Zach, mentioned that this past week was called Holy Week in Colombia. It is the same here. The thing we noticed most was how much quieter it was than Christmas. And the streets, at least where we traveled, were less crowded. We went to the local mall on Thursday (seen in the background of the picture above) and it was all closed except for the grocery store there. We were told that it would be closed through the week end. Imagine malls in America closed for more than a single day at a time.
As it turns out we spoke too soon. After writing about how uncrowded the streets were (we started putting the blog post together at home early Sunday morning) we drove to church. The street where our building is located is very busy today. As we finish writing this we are looking out at the traffic thinking it is going to take a while to get home.
Since we have time, we can tell about the Lilo-an lighthouse.

This is an operating lighthouse on a peninsula not far from us. It can actually be seen from the mission home.  A lighthouse in Cebuano is parola so this is officially the Parola of Bagacay Point. The original structure was built by the Spanish in 1857. It was replaced in 1904 by virtue of an executive order given by William Howard Taft who was the first American Governor-General of the Philippines - later the 27th President of the United States. This is the one seen today.
Parola of Bagacay Point
Parola of Bagacay Point

Yes, this is a real home cooked beef hamburger, real cheetos and real milk. There is a reason it is called comfort food.


  1. We understand what it is like to crave a good American hamburger!

  2. We understand what it is like to crave a good American hamburger!