Sunday, March 13, 2016


We start this week with a picture taken while driving to the airport to drop off departing missionaries and pick up those coming in.  It is a picture of a typical tindahan or small local shop that, like jeepnees and tricycles, can be seen everywhere here - on main roads and in every neighborhood. At first it looked like the reflection from the car window ruined the picture but the white shirt and name tag along with the tindahan actually captures a glimpse of missionary work here in the Philippines.  I had no idea when taking the picture that it would turn out like this. It is like some of life's best moments and God's tender mercies - they may not be recognized the moment they happen. In fact, at the time they may be considered a disaster or mistake. Sometimes it is only when looking back that we are able to appreciate them for what they really were. 

So ... this was transfer week again - our fourth now. Normally most of the departing local (Philippine native) missionaries will fly out Wednesday morning and need to be dropped off about an hour before the new missionaries arrive. We left with the departing missionaries and their luggage from the mission office about 6:30 AM.  When traffic is light it is about a 40 minute drive to the airport.  Traffic wasn't too bad and we all made it without incident. This transfer we had nine missionaries depart and nine new missionaries come in.

Departing Batch

Waiting at the airport for the new arrivals.

New batch with trainers.
Those that are leaving us are excited and nervous while those coming in are both nervous and excited and the trainers are always excited to meet their new companion but a little nervous at the same time.  
Elder and Sister Halladay with son and grandson
We also lost a senior couple this week.  Elder and Sister Halladay flew out Saturday morning with family members who had come to visit and travel home with them. Their grandson was a missionary here when the Cebu East Mission split off from the Cebu Mission and ended his mission in Cebu East.

Halladays were one of two senior couples serving on the island of Bohol and will be sorely missed. The remaining couple, Elder and Sister Bell, will be stretched pretty thin over there. Have we mentioned how much senior couples are needed pretty much everywhere? 

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  1. Be glad you are receiving about the same you are sending off. We have been shrinking for several months now, down from about 200 to about 160. We are proud of you both and the great job you are doing!