Sunday, March 6, 2016


Here are two short videos that capture a hint of what it is like to drive in Cebu. The original video was too long to post so we made a sequel - kind of like the Hobbit - except, unlike the Hobbit, there wasn't enough material to make a third movie.

When watching the videos keep in mind that traffic, vehicle and pedestrian, is quite light. One-way, two lane roads are not very common here. The street shown is pretty wide and there is a bit of a shoulder where people can walk. It is really not very congested. One reason we like this route is because traffic generally flows nicely with only a few choke points along the way. Maybe someday we can do a video when traffic is bad.

Driving in Cebu - Part 1

Driving in Cebu - Part 2

Wasn't that exciting? We drive this street quite often as it is part of the main route used to get to the area of Cebu near the ferry terminals, S&R (Costco) and two major malls. On this day we were taking a van load of missionaries to catch ferries from Cebu to the island of Bohol which is 2 to 4 hours away depending on the ferry.

There it is. It is hard to believe that we have passed the five month mark. We feel more comfortable in our assignments now but each week brings new challenges and opportunities and we feel like we still have a lot to learn. The missionaries here are the best - we really love and admire them.
Elder Albar focused on the road ahead.
Missionaries on their way to catch a ferry.

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