Sunday, October 11, 2015

Home Tour

We have been in our new home here almost a week now and are finally able to post a few pictures. Things have been a little hectic and we hope to eventually have an internet connection in the house, but for now our access is at the mission office.

 This is our home looking from the front. We have the use of a mission vehicle. Although we both got a drivers license in Manila, so far Elder McNett has done the driving.

The house is pretty much all cement, even the interior walls. Hanging curtains required masonry drill bits and some sweat.


This is looking from the house toward the street. Many of the homes here are fenced and gated.

This is our coconut tree. (Does anyone know what a ripe coconut looks like?)

This is a personal shrine in the front yard. These are not unusual here.

This is the back yard. The tower once held a water tank. We think with a little work it would make a nice tree house.

 This is the laundry room...

 and the screened in dining area on the back of the house.

The main room upstairs,
and the view from the front upstairs windows.

There is a deck off the main room upstairs. It would be really nice if there were better mosquito control.

Even though the upstairs is nice, we are living downstairs because it is cooler and avoids climbing stairs. This really is a nice home for the area here and we appreciate having a place like this to live while we're here. There is plenty of room for visitors (hint, hint).

We will post again with pictures of the downstairs, but now it is time to get to work in the office.


  1. Holly cow! We feel sorry for you poor guys there in the Phillipines! Not! We never had anything that that in Mongolia. You won't want to come back!

  2. Just wait till you see the rest of the story...