Thursday, October 15, 2015

Home Tour - The Sequel

As promised, we will now continue our home tour downstairs. These first pictures show the living room and screened in open air dining area. 

Next the kitchen. We are still getting used to being careful with water. We use bottled water for drinking, brushing teeth, etc. We will wash dishes in the tap water if we boil it first and add a little bleach.  There is no hot tap water -it's a like camping out only indoors. The full size fridge is really nice.

This is the bedroom. It has our one air conditioning unit.  The sun rises every day about 5:30 AM and sets about 5:30 PM. This will only vary by about an hour over the course of a year.


 Here is the bathroom and shower. The shower has an electric on-demand water heater. I discovered this morning that if the circuit breaker trips it will go from warm to cool really quick. The water from the tap is cool but not cold and is what Elder McNett shaves with every day. 

And last but not least is something that you will not see every day in a missionary apartment. The landlady who lived here before was married to an American and we assume this was something he had brought in. If only we could trade it out for a piano...

 ... and even though limited in what we could bring with us, we did manage to fit in a touch of home.
We are still adjusting but all in all it's not a bad place to live. We hope to resolve issues like a laundry house with no washing machine, no oven for baking and perhaps a second AC unit when the hot season arrives (we are approaching 'winter' now).

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