Saturday, January 21, 2017

Visitors Welcome

While waiting for church to start last Sunday we welcomed some visitors into the church yard. They came and trimmed the trees but didn't stay for church. One did manage to wander through the church entryway but there was nothing edible so he left. Notice how well a rope restrains a goat.

This picture was taken at one of the ward buildings in Lapu-Lapu. President Maughan had an interview scheduled there and we went with them to Sacrament Meeting. The plan was for us to drive our pickup truck to the mission home and then all of us go in their vehicle. It was good that we did because when we got to the mission home and started getting into their car President noticed it had a flat tire. We drove our vehicle instead and made it with time to spare. Fixing the flat tire was able to wait until Monday. Sometimes tender mercies are little things that remove unnecessary burdens from mission presidents who have other things to worry about.

Monsoon rains continued this week but the sun is back and things are drying out again - at least as much as they can dry out in 80-90% humidity. There was even more water surrounding our house as these pictures show that were taken just one day apart. As the waters rose we were reminded that if you wait until its raining to build an ark, it is probably too late.
This is a video taken from our little balcony showing our driveway and the street in front of our house.

A motorcycle leaving a wake driving down the road is a good indication that the drought is over.

We end this week with a picture of baby palm trees. Photos of these are rare as they are shy and their mothers very protective. This picture was taken by a pseudo-professional from a safe distance.
Don't be deceived by their docile appearance and remember - never get between a palmling and its mother!
She Palm

Thought for the week

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  1. Reminds us of the flooding streets in Mongolia following a good summer rain.