Friday, January 13, 2017

Till we meet again...

Elder and Sister Bock
It is hard to believe that Elder and Sister Bock are no longer here in the Cebu East Mission. After serving for two years in the Bogo District on the northern tip of Cebu Island they have now returned to their home in Australia.  Bogo won't be the same without Bocks to help furnish apartments, transport missionaries, do repairs, move bikes around, and in many other ways lend an ear or a hand. They have been examples to us of Christlike service and oh, how we will miss their wonderful Australian accent. On the bright side, we look forward to October when Bocks plan to visit Salt Lake for General Conference. Who knows - maybe someday we'll have a chance to visit Australia.

Melvin Richins once told me that there are only two seasons in Coalville - Mud and Dust. From what we hear, this year should probably include a third - Ice. There really are only two seasons here in the Philippines. Ice is not one of them.

We are definitely in the rainy season and this year is definitely wetter than last year (it is raining right now). The vacant lot next to us was cleared for building around Christmas time and it has been so wet that all activity on the property has stopped.

This was the view next door one day last week followed by the same view a day later.
This is the same lot from a different angle. It is (or was) a field where neighbors often stake goats and sometimes cattle to feed. It may be a while before building on the lot can continue.
There are a LOT of motorcycles in the Philippines which is an understatement. Those who ride motorcycles here are very creative when it comes to protecting themselves from the rain. So what do many do to keep from getting wet when riding a motorcycle in the rain? They put the top up of course.

We end today with a picture taken on the way back from a trip with the other senior couples last year to Camotes Island. It is one of our favorite pictures of Elder and Sister Bock.
Sailing into the sunset...

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  1. Northern mountains are about 175% of average right now. I image Coleville has received its share.