Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tarsier Sighting

From Infogalactic:
"Tarsiers are haplorrhine primates of the family Tarsiidae, which is itself the lone extant family within the infraorder Tarsiiformes. Although the group was once more widespread, all the species living today are found in the islands of Southeast Asia."

One of the islands of Southeast Asia where Tarsiers are found naturally today is the island of Bohol. This island just happens to be in the Philippines Cebu East Mission. Sister McNett saw a Tarsier this week. Elder McNett saw a picture of the one that Sister McNett saw. This is the same picture we will show now so that readers of this blog can say that they saw the same picture of the Tarsier that Sister McNett saw that Elder McNett saw!

Tarsiers are very cute and Yoda like. It was surprising how small they are - about the size of a fist.

The reason Sister McNett was on Bohol while Elder McNett was not is because of a special activity day for the Sister Missionaries. Sister Maughan, Sister Weatherston and Sister McNett took the ferry over Sunday evening, had dinner with Elder and Sister Bell, stayed the night, and then met with about 30 young sister missionaries for the activity on Monday.  
With Sister Weatherston and Sister Maughan at the ferry terminal
Something almost as rare as seeing a live Tarsier is seeing Sister McNett pedal a tricycle.
For church today we decided to travel to Danao which is about 30 minutes north of  Lilo-an. During the meeting we received a text from President Maughan asking if we could continue on up to Bogo which is about another 1 1/2 to 2 hours further north. Our assignment was to help transport a missionary and some luggage. We gladly agreed and had a very pleasant drive up and back traveling along the coast and through the mountains of Northern Cebu.

We are sorry to report that we have no picture of the toy soldier telling how many days to Christmas. If we did it would show just over 60.

Thought for the Week:

"Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath."
James 1:19


  1. I bet that's where the got the Yoda character from in Star Wars! Cute

  2. I bet that's where the got the Yoda character from in Star Wars! Cute