Saturday, October 29, 2016

Missionary Zumba

We were able to get a few more pictures from the Sister's Activity two weeks ago on Bohol and wanted to tell more of what took place there. The day started with Missionary Zumba. Elder Caindoy, a District Leader there, is a certified Zumba instructor and called out the Zumba moves with things like TC to the right, 2, 3, 4 and back, TC to the left, 2, 3, 4 and back (TC is for Testifying Contact).
Ready for Missionary Zumba
TC to the right, 2, 3, 4.
Elder Caindoy, CZI (Certified Zumba Instructor)
wokie, wokie
After Zumba there was an excellent workshop on scripture journaling led by Sister Bell followed by lunch at the local McDonalds and a trip to Sagbayan Peak for a view of the Chocolate Hills,Tarsier watching (mentioned last week) and a walk through the butterfly garden.
On Sagbayan Peak
No missionaries were hurt taking this picture.
Butterfly Garden
Word on the street is that it was a fun and educational experience that will be long remembered.

This week was a bit crazy as Elder McNett took an unexpected flight to Manila on Monday in order to escort Elder O'Rullian there for health reasons. We first met Elder O'Rullian in the MTC in Provo last year.  He came into the mission with the batch last October, just after we arrived. He is an excellent missionary who has experienced more in the last year than most do in two. Unfortunately he had to return to the US this week in order to receive the rest and medical care he needs. We love him and wish him the best with whatever the future has in store.
Elder O'Rullian at the airport (sorry about the blur).
It was a beautiful day for flying. The combination of clouds, sky, water and sun on the flight home Monday evening were amazing. We would also like to put in a pitch for Philippine Airline. They actually have a sane boarding policy of starting from the rear of the plane. Other airlines should try it. It's not rocket science.
Things have been busy in the office. Weatherstons are catching on and are starting to drive places we didn't venture to on our own for a month. There is a lot happening in November. We have a busy month ahead.
Yes, Christmas is rapidly approaching.

Thought for the Week

"Although it has only been a year I am happy to say I have done my best ..."
Elder Blake O'Rullian

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  1. We were hoping to see Elder McNett doin' the Zumba moves!