Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Last Days

There is only one more transfer now until we see another kind of transfer that typically happens once every three years. President and Sister Tanner are literally working around the clock to prepare for the arrival of President and Sister Maughan in July.  Part of the preparation for this transition is for the Facilities Management group to re-paint the Mission Home inside and out and do any needed repairs there.  The Tanners are fortunate in that they have not had to move out while the painting takes place but have the challenge of working around the painters who seem to be chasing them from room to room as they paint. President and Sister Tanner are constantly looking for something they need in boxes or under plastic sheets.
Mission Home face lift
The mission will be seeing a large number of other changes this summer. The summer time 'batches' of missionaries are relatively large with many coming and going. We have talked more than once about how different things will be here this fall when the missionaries who trained us in the office are gone along with many other missionaries we have come to know and love.

It is interesting how a mission is kind of like a condensed life time. There is a pre-mortal, mortal and post-mortal feeling to it (missionaries even speak of going home as 'dying'). The preparation and anticipation before entering the 'mission field' must be similar to that which we experienced before coming to earth. We prepare in our minds the best we can but when all is said and done the only way to know what it is really like is to do it.

What has also been interesting is to learn of the vast variety of mission experiences - especially for senior missionaries. There are some common threads, but specific assignments and circumstances can vary widely.

This was kind of a slow picture week but what we lack in quantity we make up for in quality. We now present what may very well be the best jeepnee ever.
If this would fit in a suitcase we would be bringing it home. One of us is glad that it doesn't fit....

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  1. Let's see, which one is glad it doesn't fit? MMMMM?
    We know what it is like to have a significant change. Last July our mission presidency changed, we changed office locations and began handling our own finances and vehicles (all handled by Salt Lake before). We were literally a brand new three year old mission.