Sunday, May 22, 2016

Signs and Wonders

Really not as bad as it sounds...
Every so often we see signs here that just make us laugh. This one is near the entrance to a shopping center - Pacific Mall - where we get our pillows for arriving missionaries. This week we were there to stock up pillows for our summer missionary batches. We also bought 32 towels for transfer houses. Transfer houses are apartments with extra bedding and such and with enough room to allow missionaries to stay while traveling during transfers. Depending on where they are going from and going to our missionaries often can't make the trip in one day, especially when going from island to island.

This week we traveled into Cebu to the Temple Compound where the Cebu Mission office is and visited with Elder and Sister Nelson again. They are the office couple in the Cebu Mission office. We were able to share ideas for the office and they took us to a large mall near the temple for lunch. Our goal is to do this more often.

While there we went into a grocery store in the basement of a department store and found frozen blueberries, Shredded Wheat and real sourdough bread. Woohoo! There were even stools at every checkout counter so that customers can sit while they are rung up.
Courtesy stool - what a great idea.
We also had a surprise visit this week at the office. Sister Osumo is from our 'Batch'. We met her in the MTC, and will go home with her. Her father, aunt and uncle came by to say hello. Her aunt and uncle live in Cebu while her own immediate family is currently living in Singapore. Brother Osumo was here in Cebu on a temple trip. We don't get to see a lot of Sister Osumo because she has been assigned on the island of Bohol since she arrived in the mission. She is one sharp missionary though and has already been a Sister Trainer. They are just a wonderful, strong LDS family.
Brother Rodolfo Osumo.
Sister Osumo the day she arrived. Notice the pillows.
Today we went to church in the Canduman Ward of the Consolacion Stake. The main highway into Cebu goes within a half block of the ward building. We have driven it many times and didn't even realize the church was there. We still learn something new every day.

They are a very friendly ward and it was a good experience. We like visiting the different wards and branches in the area. The church grounds are amazing with a wide open expanse of lawn. We haven't seen anything like it in 8 months.
Cabduman Ward building.
If only we had a frisbe,
or a football.
So you saw the sign above. This field is the wonder.

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  1. Memories! We found a basement store in Mongolia that would get in shipments of US foods (freight damaged, etc.) and thought we were in heaven! Wow!