Sunday, January 17, 2016

Temple Week

Homeward bound - almost.
This week we were able to attend the temple in Cebu with the batch of departing missionaries. Normally they would have gone during transfer week, but the temple will be closed then so they gathered and went about two weeks early. We were scheduled to go next week anyway but took this opportunity to attend and were glad we did. The tradition with departing missionaries is to stop for dinner after the temple at 'Army and Navy' - a hamburger joint near the temple that they really enjoy. They do make good hamburgers and fries but we have yet to find authentic American milk shakes.

It is really nice having a temple within driving distance - about an hour away when traffic isn't bad. Elder McNett drove in with just a little bit of guidance from Sister Tanner and learned a new route while doing it. It is a miracle but we are finding our way around.

The names of newly called mission presidents were announced and this July President and Sister Maughan from Cache County, Utah will be coming to preside over the the Philippine Cebu East Mission. We are grateful for our time together with the Tanners and don't want to see them leave but at the same time look forward to working with the Maughans. The crazy thing is that there are only four transfers between now and July (and the first one of those is in a week). July will be here before we can blink.
Gekko Cup
This is the designated cup for catching gekkos and transporting them outside. You will notice that we don't have a cockroach cup. That is because we have a cockroach shoe.  It is really good that we have more need for the cup than the shoe.


  1. Dear Elder and Sister McNett (Grady & Karen,
    This is so fun to see your blog. It looks as though you are having an amazing mission there in the Philippenes. Love seeing your smiling faces. Our love to you! Jeff and Debbi Hochstrasser

  2. About half way through our mission, an American gentleman opened a restaurant a couple of doors down from the mission home. And boy were his milkshakes good! To Mongolians, milk shakes are basically flavored milk. But these were the real thing! The name of the place, however, was interesting;"The Sexy Jazz Lounge!" Interesting to see all us missionaries frequenting the Sexy Jazz Lounge!