Friday, January 15, 2016

New Year - New Experiences

(We are a bit behind with our posting, so when this week is mentioned, it is really last week. We are not sure how this happend living in the future as we do.)

Q: What do you get when you drop a five gallon container of purified water on a tile floor?
A: A floor washed with five gallons of purified water.

Notice the bottom of the water container. We had a late night mopping party this week when the bottle slipped out of my hands as I was changing it.
I may also have said unkind things about the part of growing old where I seem to drop everything I pick up.

Q:How many senior missionaries does it take to change a bottle of drinking water?
A: Only one, but it might take two bottles of water.

Speaking of water, on Thursday Sister McNett went with Sister Tanner and a local member about an hour north of Lilo-an to Danao to help clean a missionary apartment that had been closed. This picture was not taken at the apartment, it was taken where they had to go to get water to clean with as the water had been shut off already at the apartment. As much as we love these young missionaries sometimes it is apparent that they are still young and are still learning.

On Friday Elder McNett went with Elder Jimenez to visit the dentist. Dr. James Flores is a member of the Mandaue Stake. His office is located in Mandaue which is not far from our office distance wise but sometimes takes an hour or more travel time depending on traffic. We dropped a mission vehicle off at Goodyear to have new tires put on and then went to the dentist office less than a mile away. It turned out that Elder Jimenez needed to have a tooth pulled. Notice how he is smiling before the procedure.

Elder Jimenez before...
This is also before.

Wait. Is this Elder McNett on a jeepnee? I do believe it is. We actually rode three times that day. It was a good thing that one of us knew what they were doing and which ones to get on and when to get off. To let the driver know you want to get off you tap your ring or a coin on the metal handhold rod on the ceiling.

Angry Birds seat covers? How cool is that?
Two posts ago we mentioned a special visitor at the mission home on Christmas day who sang for us. Her name is Windey Prado-Avendano. She and her husband, Eric, put on a special benefits concert on Saturday evening that we were privileged to attend with President and Sister Tanner. It included dinner and about two hours of music by Windey and three others.

These are our entertainers with family members and friends. The tall young man on the left is Ralph Mallapre. He is leaving on a mission in February.  The young lady in the center with the red and white dress is Lala Aloba. She is only 10 years old. The man standing next to Lala with the big smile is Zeanith Rivera and is Windey's singing partner of almost 20 years. Windey is in the center in black. It was really an amazing group of talent performing a wide variety of music. It was fantastic. The concert was to raise money for a non-profit group providing rice to families with children.


Windey - Let it Go (Frozen)

Windey - All I Ask of You (Phantom of the Opera)

Ralph Mallapre - When I Was Your Man

Ralph Mallapre - Ikaw (Cebuano)

Ralph Mallappre - Hagawhaw (cebuano)


  1. Yup! Love our missionaries but they definitely are still young!

    So where is the 'after picture' of Elder Jimenez?

    We remember fondly the really amazing concerts we attended in Mongolia! Ah, the memories!

  2. Elder Jimenez was still smiling after but not talking much. In general people here love to sing.