Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Conference

This week was a mission wide Christmas Conference. It was awesome having a day where the whole mission met together in the Lilo-an Stake Center building next to the mission office.  Most of the missionaries actually arrived in Lilo-an Wednesday evening to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional which was shown in the chapel of the stake center.

A few of the missionaries who live close by stayed after the devotional to help set up the cultural hall for lunch on Thursday.
Decorating for Thursday's lunch.

Elder Head is quite proud of the Christmas tree.

The decorating crew.
The Conference started Thursday morning with a meeting in the chapel.  President Tanner and several missionaries spoke and each of the nine zones presented a musical number. This went until lunch.
Gathering in the chapel.

Meal Time...

... and slide show.
After lunch there was an all scarf gift exchange. These scarves or lava-lava are quite common here, often worn as head coverings or used as light blankets. We ended the afternoon with games in the cultural hall and then the missionaries said their good-byes and began the travel back to their areas -  except for those who are going home on the 16th. They are all staying locally until then.

Mission Games
Christmas Banner
We end this week with a picture of our little friend. I call him Bruce Wayne because he has been living in our batroom. 

Bruce Wayne

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  1. Such a great looking bunch of missionaries! And such wonderful memories you are building! We're proud of the two of you. We tell everyone about my sister and brother-in-law who are serving in the Philippines.