Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Week

Quiz for our grandchildren.

Q: When you put Grandma in a room with furniture what happens?

A: It will be re-arranged. As it was in the office this week. Once Elder Head got started on our 'project', there was no turning back and no stopping him till it was done.  The result is more desk area and better printer access for Sister McNett, Elder Head's desk is out of the way of the filing cabinets and Elder McNett has a printer in his office that we thought didn't work. Win-win-win. 
Sister McNett's new desk area.
There is a chance that this could happen more than once in 18 months.

Christmas in the Philippines is interesting, but a bit different than what we are used to. Christmas decorations, lights and music start appearing in September and we were singing Christmas carols in church in October.  The major time for celebration though is not Christmas day, it is Christmas Eve. We heard loud music and fireworks in the neighborhood until well after midnight Christmas Eve. It was really nice driving Christmas day though. We think everyone was home recovering from the night before.
Ready to start baptismal service.
The Lilo-an Zone was invited by President and Sister Tanner to attend a very special event at the mission home on Christmas day. Their grand-daughter had asked to be baptized on Christmas in the ocean. Her family just happens to be visiting over Christmas and we were fortunate to be part of a very special baptismal service.
Sisters singing 'O Come All Ye Faithful'
Picture time.

Meal after.
Then to top it off, a local member couple just happened by as we were eating. She is an excellent singer and has actually represented the Philippines at singing competitions in the United States. They had just been to a nearby wedding where she had sung at and agreed to favor us with a song or two. Beautiful!

We end this week with a shout out to Sister Cook's family. We hear that you came across our blog and saw pictures of her here. Since she is in our zone we get to see her quite often and want you to know that she is a wonderful person and excellent missionary.
Most of 'our' zone.

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  1. We are sure proud of you guys. It's neat to be able to brag that my sister and brother-in-law are serving in the Philippines. Keep up the good work!