Sunday, September 27, 2015


We just finished our first week in the MTC and must say it was a fantastic experience. The best part was getting to know the other senior couples and meeting lots of young Elders and Sisters. We met others going to our mission, some going to the Salt Lake East Mission (which includes Coalville), and some going places we have never heard of, or at least had no idea missionaries were assigned there.  We even met an Elder Thompson who said he played football for Stansbury High School along with Zach and Ian.

Of course there was lots of role playing to practice what we learned, but we enjoyed the TRC (Teaching Resource Center) experience the most.  This is where volunteers come in to help provide a very realistic teaching experience. We also got to know Elder and Sister Farrer, who are going to Australia, and found out some amazing parallels between their life experience and ours.

There was an wonderful devotional on Tuesday with Elder Cardon of the Seventy with two more devotionals this evening (Sunday) and another this coming Tuesday. The days seem to fly by.

Our MTC District


  1. Hey one of ya' is s'posed to be pointin' at the Philippines!

  2. Yeah - but this was our MTC district and we are all going to different missions so we decided to keep it simple :) Thanks for looking at the blog!