Sunday, February 12, 2017

348 - 14 -18

348 is the number of missionaries entering and leaving the mission over the course of 14 transfers in an 18 month period. Those numbers represent a lot of warm hellos and sad good-byes. The good-byes are especially hard knowing that there are many we will not see again in this life.

This week we said good-bye to
Sisters Raoiroi, Chand, Viqasi and Matafeo
Elders Minoc, Robanakadavu, Tamonang, Acosta and Lag'aia
Departing Batch
Since Sister Raoiroi was returning home to Kiribati and there are only two flights there a week from Manila, we had the opportunity to drive her to the airport Tuesday afternoon and see her off. The rest flew out early Wednesday morning.

Coming in to the Philippine Cebu East Mission Wednesday were
Sister Baldivia, Elders Bolipata, Rogers and  Babiera, Sisters Kilisi and Pulotu
And for trainers this time we have Sister Lacerna, Elder Lang, Elder Grimpluma, Elder Benting, Sister Matautia and Sister Alpuerto.
New batch and trainers.
In other news we made a new friend in church last week.
We didn't find out his name but he stayed long enough to eat a cookie and play with our tablet.

We also helped Sister Samoya and Sister Mariano move apartments yesterday and brought Sister Cook and Sister Loreto home today after a short stay in the hospital. And for Janica we had a goat sighting.
Of course there are goat sightings here every week. It would be very unusual to have a not goat sighting week.

Thought for the Week


  1. Someone else we know soon to be part of transfers?

  2. Hi, Elder McNett! Please say hi to the new missionaries. They were my MTC students. And regards to all Cebu East people! I miss you all! -Sister Clave

    1. The new batch look pretty sharp. You must have had something to do with that. We are really glad you are able to teach at the MTC but we miss all of the departed missionaries.