Saturday, December 3, 2016

Another First

 After more than a year in the Philippines we still find opportunities for new experiences.  Last week I took a walk with Elerie and instead of walking home we decided to catch a tricycle back.
Elerie enjoyed riding as much as I did.
View from the passenger seat,
Door to door service.
Having ridden in a jeepnee it is interesting to note the differences between them and the tricycles. Both are widely used in the Philippines, but each serves a slightly different purpose. Jeepnees carry more passengers than a tricycle and run along fixed routes - usually along the main roads. They are not found in every neighboorhood. A jeepnee's route will be indicated on the side of the vehicle. The standard fare for a jeepnee is seven pesos which is paid when getting on.

Tricycles, on the other hand, can be found all over and operate more like a mini-taxi. Theye will generally serve an area but are not on a fixed route. The standard fare for a tricycle is more than a jeepnee but, depending on the distance to the destination, may be negotiated. The fare is paid when the destination is reached.

With the use of a mission vehicle we really haven't had much opportunity to ride jeepnees or tricycles. Then on Thursday we traveled with Maughans and Weatherstons to the island of Bohol to help with the Christmas Party on Friday for the three zones there.  Sister McNett and Sister Maughan took a tricycle from our hotel to the church and then Elder and Sister McNett rode in one with Elder Clark from the church to where we had dinner. We are veteran tricycle riders now.
Sister McNett and Sister Maughan in a tricycle.

Tricycle Driver

Passenger view forward.

Passenger view to the side.
Elder Clark paying the driver.
Here are more pictures from our trip to Bohol.
Passenger getting foot massage while waiting for the ferry. 

View from our hotel room.
Our hotel at night.
Children playing at the Tagbilaran church.
Elder Clark showing a magic trick.
Sister Maughan passing out toys and candy.
One of us was driving when this next picture was taken and it wasn't Sister McNett.
What's wrong with this picture?
Exciting times! We also have pictures from the Christmas Party that we plan to show next week and combine with those from the party scheduled for the zones on Cebu. We end with pictures of two of our favorite missionaries who just happen to be 'batch'.  Sister Cook's first area was Lilo-an (where the Mission Office is) and Sister Osumo was initially on Bohol. Then when Sister Cook was transferred to Bohol Sister Osumo came to Lilo-an. With last transfer Sister Osumo went back to Bohol so they are now at least on the same island and both were with us on Friday. It has been fun for us to watch them develop as missionaries.
Sister Osumo

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  1. Way to cold in Mongolia for those types of vehicles! We fondly remember the Christmas celebrations we had. Ah, the memories! Love reading about your experiences there! Blessings on the both of you!