Monday, September 26, 2016

A day late and 48 pesos short.

We were on the island of Bohol this last week end while our laptop was still in Cebu making it difficult to publish a blog entry for the week. To top it off, when we returned yesterday (Monday) evening and tried working on it from home we weren't able to connect to the internet. So it is now Tuesday morning in the mission office which is rapidly filling with missionaries who are here for Batch Meeting.

Batch meeting is held a month after the previous transfer for the new missionaries that came in on that transfer along with their trainers. The purpose is to see how their training is going, how the new missionaries are adjusting to missionary life and provide further encouragement, support and instruction. This is just some of the group coming in today.

Ready for Batch Meeting
The reason we were on Bohol was to attend the Calape District Conference on Sunday. While there Sister McNett also collected signatures on official exit documents from missionaries who will be leaving the Philippines in December. The requirements for obtaining an exit clearance are very strict. Only official forms are accepted, they must be properly signed and submitted with passport style photos of the right size. They are rejected when not done right so Sister McNett likes them to be filled out when she is there to make sure they are done right. 

Conference was nice and well attended. This was a little boy we were playing with waiting for the meeting to start. The kids here are so cute!
While there we also had a chance to relax a little on the beach (and try out the telephoto and panorama feature on the new camera).
For those who like to plan ahead we also had this little reminder when we pulled into SM Mall last week.
Yes, that's only 13 weeks away. We are in the 'Ber' months and reminders of  Christmas are appearing in the malls. There have been carols playing since the first of September and just this week we saw a sign advertising for the ordering of fresh cut Christmas trees to be shipped in from America. 
Ho, ho, ho.

Time to run. We have been tasked to get pizza for lunch.

Thought for the Week

"We love you!"
gma & papa

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