Thursday, November 5, 2015

Our Trip to Bohol – Part 2

This is where we stayed for the two nights while on Bohol - the Isla Hayahay Resort.  It is in a beautiful location, the rooms are not extravagant but very nice and the food here is good.  It is actually on a small island next to the island of Bohol that we drove to across a long causeway. On a side note, one very nice thing about Bohol is that the traffic is light compared to that around Cebu.


These pictures are from driving across the causeway to where we stayed. It seems that every time we crossed in daylight the tide was out.

Our group, from left to right: Elder and Sister McNett, Elder and Sister Halladay, President and Sister Tanner, Elder and Sister Bell and Elder and Sister Bock. The Halladays and Bells are living and serving on Bohol. Elder Bock is who shared the adventurous shuttle ride to the ferry.

Calape Chapel
On Thursday, the 29th, we all met together along with the assistants to the president in the LDS chapel in the town of Calape which is about a 20 minutes from where we were staying. It is also where the Bells are living. This was a great opportunity to get to know the other senior couples, find out how they have been serving and share ideas. We learned that the Bells are working on a major Book of Mormon initiative and the Bocks are helping to start up a pig farming effort where they are living north of Cebu. 

Downtown Calape

(To be continued …)

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